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            Acrel attended RCEP Special Lecture held by

            Jiangyin Bureau of Commerce


            On April 21, Jiangyin Bureau of Commerce held the RCEP special lecture in comprehensive building. All members from Jiangyin Bureau of Commerce, representatives from Jiangyin Customs, towns, comprehensive insurance zone, banks and important foreign trade companies attended.



            The RCEP lecture specially invited Professor Chen of Fudan University to give guidance. Professor Chen carefully set up the content. It focuses not only  on the regional basic relationship between RCEP and China’s foreign trade, but also zero tariff, cumulative rules of origin, trade facilitation, negative list etc.


            As listed company, Acrel has been committed on foreign trade business for many years. We have learned from the lecture that the policy will be more conductive to the trade between Chinese companies and other member countries. The tariff policy will be beneficial to reduce the import and export cost of foreign trade companies and upgrade the industrial chain of high-tech companies.


                   我司自成立以來,一直秉承“創新 高效 團結 誠信”理念,在中國電氣制造領域提升了公司的品牌影響力。此前安科瑞曾多次參加在成員國舉辦的展會,如越南電力展,印尼電力展等,展會收獲頗豐,過硬的產品質量以及周到的服務為我司贏得了諸多成員國企業訂單。

            From the establishment of Acrel, we always adhere to the concept “Innovation Efficient Unity Integrity” and have enhanced the brand influence in China’s electrical manufacturing market. Acrel participated in exhibitions among member countries for many times, such as Vietnam Electric Exhibition and Indonesian Electric Exhibition. Our excellent products quality and intimate service help us gain many orders from member countries.


            Acrel will respond to the call from Jiangyin Bureau of Commerce and study the favorable policies of RCEP. We will also research the RCEP rules according to the features of our products and  optimize the productions and sales layout to let “Acrel” brand go overseas.



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